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Cain gets to ride on Brooks’ enormous cock!

Cain gets to ride on Brooks’ enormous cock!

Brooks is quite surprising. He has almost no hair on the face (the shaving part of the video is quite funny), he looks very young and thin, but though he has a monster cock between his legs. Something big, fat, straight, powerful. He loves to use it raw, and knows how to use it. Another awesome Sean Cody bareback video, with lots of action, and lots of noise ! Don’t miss the trailer !

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Glenn fucks Pavel Bareback

Glenn, with his beautiful body and big dick, is back to fuck cock-hungry Pavel!

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Marshall & Liev: Bareback

Sometimes things happen that you just don’t expect! “I want to give it a try,” Marshall said. He had been fucking Liev‘s ass and was taking a quick breather. “You want to try what?” I asked. “I want to get fucked,” he said. Well, my jaw just about hit the floor because that came out of nowhere. “OK,” I said. “You want to get your cherry popped?” He laughed. “Yeah.” So he got on his back, put his muscular legs up in the air, and spread his hairy checks open. He had a big grin on his face! Liev didn’t say anything, but the smile on his face was everything. He knelt down and started licking Marshall’s hole. Then, Liev stood up, slid his cock in, and started pounding away. Almost as if to show that he could fuck hard, too! “Wow!” Liev said as he drove deep into Marshall. “This feels great!” Afterward, I couldn’t wait to ask Marshall about his decision. “What made you want to do it?” I asked. “He’s a hot guy,” he said with that smile of his. “I knew his dick would hit all the right spots!”

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Jeffrey fucks Pierce Bareback

“Ah shit, you’re sensitive with the nipples huh?”

“Slightly,” Pierce said with a coy smile.

He and Jeffrey had been playing with each other’s nipples. We thought it would be fun to add some ice!

“I’m feeling kind of sensitive today!” Pierce said as the cold water from the ice ran down his abs.

His nipples weren’t the only thing to be affected. Jeffrey worked Pierce’s hole with his tongue and the response from Pierce was pretty loud!

Jeffrey mounted Pierce and it quite the spectacle… Pierce is quite a bit bigger than Jeffrey!

Both of them blew nice big loads…

“You got a lot of cum on your face… whose cum is it… yours?”

“More than likely,” Pierce responded.

“Do you actually care at this point?”


Pierce looked completely dazed… in a good way… like he’d just had the shit fucked out of him!

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Connor fucks Landon RAW

“Well, your dick is still huge, I see!”

Landon laughed. That’s the thing I remembered most about him… he loves to laugh and have fun and be silly!

Connor was a little nervous and Landon definitely picked up on it.

He started rubbing Connor’s shoulders, and gave him a warm smile.

Connor’s dick is just about as big as Landon’s — and Landon took his time working it over, along with Connor’s hole.

Luckily, Connor relaxed a bit.

Landon slid his dick into Connor, and started pumping. Connor whimpered a little, but then threw his head back and really went for a ride!


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