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Chad Brock Gives Danny Lopez A Deep Breeding

Nothing like a hot sweaty daddy fuck once in a while eh? Danny Lopez finally gives up his holes for slut daddy Chad Brock and his thick hair cock and balls. Danny gets on his knees and starts servicing that nice cut daddy cock and then gives up his bubble butt to Chad to eat it out. Danny loves to feel a man’s beard on that hole knowing he is about to get barebacked. Chad then slips his cock into that willing hole bareback and starts pounding it deep down to the balls and really stretching that hole out. But to his amazement it was already stretched as some other top dude must have just been in there!

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Trapboyy fucks Skinny Pimp bareback

Light-skinned Trapboyy and midnight beauty Skinny Pimp sit on the couch while the director interviews them. Trapboyy is wearing a wife beater and a cigarette behind his ear, while Skinny Pimp nervously fingers his ripped jeans. “He’s got a tight little black booty,” explains Trapboyy, “and I been waitin’ to get in it.” The director orders him, “I wanna see a little pain. I don’t want it to be too easy.” Trapboyy promises, “I’m gonna fuck this boy stupid.” Soon Skinny Pimp turns his baseball cap around and dives into Trapboyy’s crotch, taking the long curved cock all the way to his tonsils. With his shoes still on, Skinny Pimp gets up on all fours and gyrates his hard ass on to Trapboyy’s raw pole. “Don’t stop!” he moans while Trapboyy barebacks his hungry hole, ramming his rod without mercy. Then Skinny Pimp is on top of his dick, jamming it in to the hilt, working his hips down on it. “Shoot it in there, daddy!” and Trapboyy complies with a river of jizz dripping out of the hole down his heavy ball sack. “Ready for the second one?” he asks. He sits Skinny Pimp on the couch and delivers even more streams of cum across his face and goatee. Skinny Pimp sucks the head to make sure he’s got it all, sending his own load flying over his tight abs.

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Villareis crams his huge cock deep inside Arcanjo’s ass

One such guy is Arcanjo who brings home cute Villareis for an afternoon of huge dick ass pounding. Villareis crams his huge cock deep inside Arcanjo’s ass, reaming his tight butt until they both explode their loads.

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Apollo Maz fucks Fernando

For well endowed Apollo and Fernando its time to decide who tops who. Apollo, having a big telephone pole like cock almost brings Fernando to tears as he tops him. No mean feat as it’s the fattest cock he has ever seen. After some hot fucking, they blow their creamy loads over each others faces.

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Cristian Torquato and Junior Pavanello

On his daily run along the beach, masculine powerhouse Junior Pavanello finds little Cristian Torquato in pensive mood enjoying the view. All the running has pumped the blood straight to his hard cock, and Cristian is glad to be on the receiving end. Cristian does one slavishly devoted blowjob, even taking a close forcefull face-fuck from Junior at one point. Junior continues that ferocity when he fucks Cristian.

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