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Lars Svenson & Alex Martin tag-team Fred Mayer raw

It must be time for dinner time and someone is hungry.  Luckily the Cum Dump Hotel has 24 hour room service.  Fred Mayer, a slim and talented bottom is shoving a gigantic dildo up his greedy hole while Alex Martin and Lars Svenson take turns sucking each other off in the corner of the room.  Soon the sight of Fred’s ass is too much for Alex and Lars to ignore.  While Lars pounds Fred’s wet hole with his raw cock, Alex feeds his man meat down Fred’s mouth.  Next the guys start using various vegetables in Fred’s ass and mouth.  Everyone knows a balanced diet has plenty of fruits and vegetables, but don’t forget to get a generous portion of meat.  After these guys are done with Fred, he’ll have enough protein to last him for a while.

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Yansel fucks Sebastian Cortes

Sebastian Cortes is back from the gym and seeing all those hot guys lifting and getting sweaty really made him horny.  He starts stroking his uncut dick when dark beauty Yansel Washington walks in.  He knows that Sebastian is dying to suck him off so he drops his shorts revealing his huge dark meat.  Within a few minutes, Yansel has his boy’s legs in the air begging to have his ass eaten.  After playing with his hole and filling it with spit, he slides his meat into Sebastian’s ass.  Watching Yansel’s dark meat slide in and out of the pure white ass is almost too much to handle…but these boys are professionals and they know how to edge each other making each thrust count.   Yansel’s low hanging balls are boiling with hot cum ready to invade Sebastian’s hungry ass.  Soon both guys are cumming all over each other.
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Andy Kirra & Tristan Mathews flip-flop RAW

Real life couple and recently married Andy Kirra and Tristan Matthews prove that you can still have hot sex after you are married. These two obviously are still on their honeymoon as they can’t keep their hands off each other (or their cocks out of one another). Tristan Matthews smooth, inked and pierced body is in perfect contrast to Andy Kirra‘s hairy beefy build. As these two take turns kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking each other, you get a glimpse into their private sex lives. Tristan eats Andy’s ass out as if that is the last meal he will ever have. Luckily there is enough of last night’s milk in his ass to satisfy his quench. As he used his spit as lube, he impales Andy’s ass with intense passion. Soon he shoots his thick man milk all over Andy’s ass lips and then licks it up swallowing every drop. Now it’s Andy’s turn at Tristan’s raw ass. As he fucks his ass and then shoots his load all over Tristan’s face, you can see these two are in it for the long haul.

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Lars Svenson shoves his big meat up Sebastian Cortes’ ass

What better way to wake up then with your dick in a hot mouth. German stud Lars Svenson wakes up to having Sebastian Cortes worshipping his beautiful dick. Lars lies back in bed watching his hard dick slide into Sebastian’s luscious lips. The two make out briefly and then flip each other sucking each other’s cock, but Lar’s dick is at full attention and he can’t wait to fuck his boy. He starts by teasing Sebastian’s hole with his tongue … getting it nice and wet. Lars shoves his big meat up Sebastian’s ass, his balls slapping up against him as his cum begins to build up. Lars is a true whore and wants the moment to last … he flips Sebastian over and does him doggy style … pounding him with full force. He slides his dick out just in time to shoot a nice load right on Sebastian’s used hole. This is what Sebastian wanted and shoots his own load all into Lars mouth savoring every drop.

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Brad Austin and Lars Svenson fuck Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmer is a pro and definitely knows how to take a cock. As he gives Brad Austin cock the loving it deserves, it’s almost too much for Jeff to handle, but he is determined to take it all. Lars Anderson joins the guys and soon they are both double teaming Jeff at both ends. Don’t let the romantic fireplace fool you boys, this is all about animalistic male on male fucking, so time for sweet romance. As these guys have their way with Jeff, there is almost a point when you think Jeff actually wants to stop for a minute to catch his breath, but Lars and Brad are not done with him. As the switch back and forth using his ass and mouth, it isn’t long before Jeff is covered in both of these studs creamy whole milk.

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