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Raw Fuck Creampie

By the time Drake gave the okay I was so horny and so ready for Pauly Pamano to fuck me that I want to slam down on it so fast and hard that it would tear me a part.

His cock felt so amazing. He hurt like hell and hit me in just the right way that I was constantly on the verge of cumming.

And when Pauly finally let loose and nailed my ass without mercy I shot. It was involuntary. I couldn’t help it.

And then to feel his hot cum filling me up inside, the whole experience was mind blowing. Let me tell you, Pauly sure knows how to fuck!

There is some great close up footage of his cock in my ass. I swear you can see the veins in his dick throbbing and count every hair on my butt.

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Drake fucks Jake Jagger RAW

If you like watching me get fucked, especially bareback, this is the ultimate scene because almost the entire video of me taking raw cock up my ass in various positions.

The best is that Drake cums in my ass again and I push out a great cream pie for you! It just oozes out of my hairy hole.

And then I bust a nut and chow down, swallowing it for all my fans.

So far this was my hottest scene to make and my favorite video!

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Throat Fucking Gonzo

This video should have been titled ‘Could you get the camera any fucking closer, Drake?’ If you’re into cock sucking I don’t think you can get much closer to the action.

This started as a solo (which you can watch at the end of the video) but Drake didn’t have any porn and looking directly at the camera wasn’t really getting me off, so I sucked Drake off. And he dicked me deep. I mean REAL DEEP, making me choke and gag.

And his fucking load was HUGE! I don’t think I’ve ever had that much cum in my mouth. I let some of it run out of my mouth and I still ended up swallowing a whole lot of cum!!!

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Ass Full of Cum

This scene with Jack Jagger was completely spontaneous. Last winter he told me he was quitting porn. I reminded him that he agreed to shoot a solo. When he arrived I asked why he was quitting porn and he replied, ‘I did it for the money and to see what it was like. It’s time to move on.’ I asked if he would still hook up with guys in his personal life. He laughed and shook his head, saying, ‘No. I’ve tried it, I’m done.’

Since I was Jack’s first I wanted to be his last, and asked if he would shoot one more scene with me. He said, ‘We can give it a try and if it works then fine.’

It worked. Jack’s submissive and as soon as I pinned him against the wall and started making out, he got rock hard. My plan was to suck him off and swallow, but I wanted to feel his mouth on my cock one more time, and thinking it was Jack’s last time I was totally edging.

By the time I got him on the floor I knew his ass was mine, and the straight guy sat on my cock and I fucked his hairy hole raw. Then he rode me reverse cowboy and I got his legs up in the air so you have the perfect view of his bareback fuck.

I rolled him around in a few more positions, loving every minute of it, before slam fucking him missionary style. And Jack did one of the things I love…he busted a nut while I pounded his hole deep and hard.

Smearing his cum on his stomach put me over and I blasted his hole full of my cum, and he pushed out the creampie for you.

As you know Jack changed his mind about leaving porn and has become quite a popular bottom toy for his tops.

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Banging Jack Raw

Jack Jagger and Dan Decklin met up for the first time and made out. This is the first time they had ever met. It is always hot watching two straight guys passionately kiss while fumbling with each other’s belts and zippers.

Dan had some blood in his cock and Jack’s skillful mouth brought him to full erection. Then Dan dove down on Jack working his shaft and nut sack.

Normally Jack likes to sit on a cock first so he is in control while relaxing and getting used to it, but he got on his hands and knees and Dan first entered him doggie style. Dan fucked Jack fast like a jackhammer for a good long time.

Then Jack sat on his new buddy reverse cowboy, taking Dan’s raw cock deep in his ass.

Jack wanted more and braced the wall and you get a great up close view from beneath of Dan’s condomless cock pounding Jack’s furry hole.

When Dan can no longer hold it, he pumps his load into Jack who then pushes out a creampie.

Finally, you get some great footage of Dan’s tight hot ass as he lies on the bed licking Jack’s nad until the hairy twink blows his load.

The chemistry was so good between these two exclusives that I paired them again in the already released ‘3 Bi 4 Bang’.

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