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Raw orgy with Blue Bailey

Raw orgy with Blue Bailey

Back for another round, Blue Baily is the prime piece of meat the other three split. This greedy bottom is all about “shared space,” the kind between his legs. “Twerking” his way onto each of the tops, Blue Bailey takes turns “milking” them one by one. Bars clanking, dicks wagging, and Blue’s hole welcomes them all. With the camera above, we catch all the action and scent of this fuckfest. Pale and “impaled,” Blue is a really sloppy boy who doesn’t know the word “no.” “Aw fuck, take that dick,” seems to be Blue’s call to duty, although I’d say it’s more of a love affair. This boy knows “loads” about what makes meat happy. “Fuck, you’re so wet,” compliments one of the daddys as Blue goes up and down. Bending the bottom over, the daddys find a welcome spot, warm and wet. As each daddy takes his turn, Blue moans and begs for more. By the time each has had a piece, the last one blows in his opening as a receptacle, letting the rest drip down Blue’s taint. When the next daddy jacks and shoots, he uses Blue’s natural curves to spill his shipment. The third steps up and goes all in, to that sweat and cum filled cavity. They all then circle around to get “licked off” by Blue as he jacks. Showing his appreciation for the fun, he blows a load that fountains into the air, “good boy.”

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Cum Filled Boys

HDK’s newest video, Cum Filled Boys, is fucking hot and only HDKRaw has the complete video online. In this scene it’s time for some hot muscular studs to get cooking in the kitchen, only looks like someone’s ass is going to be lit on fire! Just wait until you see the action heat up as a huge cock beefcake fucks a hot twink ass raw, squirting the sweet jizz in raw holes just like you love.

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Muscle Hunk Barebacks a Hot Hole

In the final scene from His Hot Property, muscular God Tomm and his handsome hunk Peter Novak are paired up for a fuck session. Starting with the 2 moving furniture, the scene quickly progresses to hot blowjobs. It seems the cabinet also has a hole in it, just the perfect size for Tomm to stick his dick in for Peter to suck. After getting that dick hard as rock, Tomm wants some of Peter’s sweet ass begins to rim that ass. Soon he’s giving Peter a hot cock ram, his balls bouncing against Peter’s horny ass. Next Peter sits on that dick and bounces up and down on it, sending Tomm into an orgasmic frenzy. He soon blows his load, and Peter follows up by jizzing all over Tomm’s shoulder and arm. A nice ending to a hot video!

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Bareback HousePainters

Carl Robinson is back, doing some house painting with his lovely assistant, Peter Novak. Novak rolls some pain onto Robinson, and that seems to be the cue for these hot studs to have some fun. Peter sucks on Carl’s big cock, savoring that dick. The two both give each other great blow jobs. Now naked and on the floor, Carl spreads open Peter’s beautifully shaven hole, and spits right inside it. He grunts and fucks that hole bare. Then he props him against the step ladder and continues fucking that hot ass, sliding his long dick all the way in and all the way out. Novak cums while getting fucked; Carl cums all over that ass. Then in classic style he shoves the cum back up that ass with his dick before a final sweet kiss. Download the full video at!

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Neo Paris fucks Tomm RAW

BIG GUYS with BIG COCKS making BIG NOISE and having a one fuck of a hot time, that’s what this video is all about. It starts as Neo Paris is painting his room. Tomm comes in and lets him know he admires the paint, but Neo is obviously admiring something else. Neo first attacks Tom’s nipples, licking his hot pierced tits. The 2 start kissing when Tomm notices Neo’s big hard on. Soon he’s going down on that cock. The 2 swap cocks and slap each other around a bit, but Neo makes it known that Tomm is HIS hot property. He pushes that ass against the table and eats it, spitting in the hole to get it lubed and ready for his raging hard dick. He then fucks Tomm on the table doggy style an then flips him on his back for one hell of a hot, hard and deep pounding. After taking that dick deeper and harder in his ass with each thrust, Tomm just has to blow his load all over his stomach. Neo just keeps on ramming that ass, until finally he shoots his load to o. After shooting, he sticks his raw dick back in the hole before giving his new lover some hot kisses.

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