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Justin blindfolded, gaged and fucked

They bring Justin to the police station. His clothes are rudely torn from his body. They tie his hands to his legs before they blindfold and gag him. The cops start to finger the little dealer in this helpless position before they start to shag him without any mercy. During the aggressive fuck they turn him into many humiliating positions.

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Chris gets abducted by a horny US-peace-keeper

Chris is on his way to his friend. They used to hang around playing video games and drink some beer. This time he decided to take the short way through the forest. He knows that US-American peace-keepers guard the woods but he has trust and confidence.

Darko just arrived in Tchukistan as part of the UN – mission. He is frustrated and bored. His girlfriend is far away and he is horny like hell. He has been told that there are plenty of prostitutes in Tchukistan. But only in the capital Novo Sazky. Not in his area.

When Chris approached the checkpoint he encounters Darko. The soldier asks him for his passport. But Chris didn’t even know that he is obliged to carry an ID. A good reason for Darko to check the guys belongings. He throws him to the ground and fixes him with cuffs. He cant say why but somehow he got horny treating the native guy like shit. It was a big turn-on to see him helpless and when he noticed that Chris didn’t even wear undies he couldn’t help but to abduct and abuse him.

He slowly undresses him, fondles him, makes him sniff his sweaty shoes and shirt. Meanwhile he keeps beating him. ”Do you have a girlfriend? No? But now I have. It is you, you gonna be my girl today!”

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