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Raw Creampie

What I love about this video is that KC Johnson was so turned on by me cumming bareback in his ass that he asked me to fuck him harder, pushing my cum deeper inside him, which made him blow his load even harder.

This video picks up where ‘Spanking Foreplay’ ends. With KC Johnson blindfolded I fed him my cock, and when I buried it down his throat pushing my pubes against his face, he took it all.

I rode him back and forth from balls to ass hole, making him lick my chode. You get some great close up footage of my ass sitting on his face, KC greedily tonguing my hole.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I push the 18 year old’s legs in the air and slide my raw cock deep in his hole. His ass felt fucking amazing!

I like doing internal cumshot, but that isn’t always the best for porn, so after I started filling his insides with cum, I pulled out and blasted his balls with a few spurts before thrusting back inside him.

I continued to pound him, pushing my raw load deeper inside, until I fucked the cum from his nuts.

Pulling out, KC pushed out a creampie of about half my load. Stopping for a moment, I fed the boy his thick creamy cum and he swallowed. Then I had him get doggy style and push out the rest of the creampie.

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