Marco Cruise Gets Manhandled

Marco Cruise thinks he’s going for a friendly drink with his new friends. Little does Marco know that Jake Wetmore and his 5 buddies have plans for his soon to be abused ass. After the gang takes a piss all over Kevin Mead and use Kevin’s ass as a warm up session, they turn their hard cocks on Marco. While pinning Marco down in a sling, they take turns pounding his hole. Boy Fillmore is the first to breed Marco’s pig hole, filling it ’til it overflows with creamy, white sperm. Jake Wetmore wants to feast on that load, so he commands Marco to push his hole out so he can felch the cum from it. Marco shows off his rosebud to the gang, which starts the fuck session all over again. This is a fast paced gang bang filled with cum and piss, just what you’ve come to expect from Raw and Rough.

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