Christian Rough-Rides Rocco

Dirty White Boy Christian comes straight over to Rocco, tosses Rocco on the bed and puts him to work. Rocco gets busy sucking Christian’s big, “other white meat”. Rocco gets that cock in his mouth and makes it grow with each pull from his mouth.Once Christian’s schlong is nice and hard, he turns Rocco around and buries his piece, balls deep, into Rocco’s upturned ass. Rocco moans as Christian rough-rides his hole. And Christian rides that hole! He starts on the bed and deep-dicks Rocco, plunge-fucking Rocco and making his balls slap against Rocco’s beautiful brown ass. After using Rocco on the bed, he orders Rocco to get his ass in the sling. There, the fucking continues, as Christian tears into Rocco’s shute, using Rocco’s hole any way that he wants. Not quite satisfied with the sling, Christian moves Rocco over to the fuck-bench. He lines his hard cock up with Rocco’s ready ass, then pops his cock in and rides Rocco until he busts his nut all over Rocco’s well used bunghole. Christian then uses his cock to push his hot, sweat cum into Rocco’s hole. He then slides his cock into Rocco’s mouth. With the taste of Christian’s cum and his own asshole, Rocco goes over the edge, blowing his own load all over his stomach.

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