Randy Harden gets fucked RAW by a fat 13-inch military horse cock

What do you say to a fat 13-inch military horse cock? The Only Possible Fucking Answer: SIR, yes SIR!!! And that’s exactly what Randy Harden does, time and time again, throughout this hot scene. It starts when Randy is going through lockers, licking boots, sniffing jocks, shirt pits, skivvies, boots and uniforms. (YUM!!!!!!) Randy is caught with his snout in the crotch of OMFG’s uniform. OMFG grabs Randy by his neck chain, throws him down to the floor and commands him to suck his cock. Out pops a monster cock, which OMFG unfolds. Randy quickly sucks it up to its full 13-inch tumescence, which got my fuckin’ cock hard immediately. The sight o’ that fat, uncut, veiny 13-incher is enough to make any man, gay or straight, go slack jawed and weak in the knees. OMFG slaps and chokes Randy repeatedly with his heavy hangin’ tool, then shoves Randy’s head in a locker and fucks him so hard that the entire bay of lockers shakes violently. A majorly brutal fuck with world class meat, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Randy is forced to do boot service, suck the big cock some more, and submit his ass to the throbbing, insistent dick.

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