Neo Paris fucks Tomm RAW

BIG GUYS with BIG COCKS making BIG NOISE and having a one fuck of a hot time, that’s what this video is all about. It starts as Neo Paris is painting his room. Tomm comes in and lets him know he admires the paint, but Neo is obviously admiring something else. Neo first attacks Tom’s nipples, licking his hot pierced tits. The 2 start kissing when Tomm notices Neo’s big hard on. Soon he’s going down on that cock. The 2 swap cocks and slap each other around a bit, but Neo makes it known that Tomm is HIS hot property. He pushes that ass against the table and eats it, spitting in the hole to get it lubed and ready for his raging hard dick. He then fucks Tomm on the table doggy style an then flips him on his back for one hell of a hot, hard and deep pounding. After taking that dick deeper and harder in his ass with each thrust, Tomm just has to blow his load all over his stomach. Neo just keeps on ramming that ass, until finally he shoots his load to o. After shooting, he sticks his raw dick back in the hole before giving his new lover some hot kisses.

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