Dominik Rider fucks Alex Ryder

What do you do when you find your pool boy slacking off and lounging in the pool naked? You fill his sweet little hole with your fat, uncut cock of course! Dominik Rider strokes his cock while he watches his pool boy floating around on a raft when the boy should be working. Dominik gets his cock hard and ready to fuck some twink boy hole. His pool boy Alex Ryder, is not doing his job and is going to pay for being a lazy little pig. Dominik makes Alex get on his knees and suck his fat, uncut cock till it’s nice and hard. Then he eats Alex’s smooth, pink, boy hole, getting it wet and ready for fucking. Dominik fucks Alex hard and fast, but Alex keeps begging to get it harder and faster from Daddy. Alex has a huge cock for such a skinny boy, and seeing it flop around as he gets fucked is too much of a temptation for Dominik to withstand. He wants to get fucked by Alex. Alex does what Daddy tells him to do and plows Dominik’s ass just as hard and deep as he was fucked earlier. Dominik throws Alex to the floor and straddles his hard twink cock, riding it till he blows his load all over Alex’s flat smooth stomach. Alex begs Dominik, ” Fuck my face Daddy! ” His Daddy delivers and fucks Alex’s sweet little mouth till Alex pops his nut, adding to the puddle of cum already on his stomach. Dominik feeds his boy the puddle of their mixed jizz, making sure Alex eats every drop. Such a good little pool boy!

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