Joey Milano Topped By Big-Dicked Daddy Matt Sizemore

The scene opens with Matt Sizemore and Joey passionately kissing and frotting with one another. Joey Milano quickly puts his oral talents to use as he sucks and swallows Matt’s long cut cock. Matt is only too happy to reciprocate as they service each other in 69 position. Matt’s tongue probes Joey’s receptive muscle butt. He tongues and licks Joey to no end making him quiver and shake. It’s not long before Joey buries his own face in between Matt’s ass crack as they continue to rim each other. The sex steps into high gear when Matt slides his cock deep into Joey’s eager raw butt. He throws Joey’s legs over his shoulders and starts to fuck him deep. Matt flips him over on his stomach and continues to fuck him hard from on top. He drives his dick relentlessly into Joey’s bare crack. The sex intensifies as Joey sits on Matt’s dick and rides him cowboy. His cock and balls bouncing up and down as he rides Matt’s cock without hesitation. Matt pushes Joey onto his back for one last deep ride. The scene reaches its climax when Matt fucks the load out of Joey. He spews his nut all over his muscle pecs and chest. Matt quickly follows as he pulls out and shoots his load into Joey’s face and mouth. The scene winds down with each of these guys kissing and snowballing the loads between them.

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