Sebastian & Shaun : RAW

I think the sexiest thing about Shaun is just how passive he is. He is still wanting to bottom, and still saying “Not too big” when it comes to the cock.

I had Sebastian come on in and take control, and he does a fine job bossing him around.

Shaun has been working out hard, and I think he beefed up quite a bit. The new haircut is pretty hot too.

Sebastian’s cock sucking skills are now finely honed, and I loved watching him get Shaun hard, then climbing up on top of him and fucking his face. Shaun clearly is enjoying it as his dick barely wilts.

Other than dancing around Sebastian‘s arm during the first fuck sequence, there is lots of great angles and raw action!

For the cumshot we tried a challenging position, with the two of them spooning. Shaun wanted to try cumming while being fucked, but Sebastian ran out of steam, and pulled out to let Shaun focus on nutting.

Sebastian then cums all over Shaun’s balls, even though he was aiming for his asshole. So not really the most elegant ending, but I think these two looked awesome together and the chemistry was hot!

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