Yansel fucks Sebastian Cortes

Sebastian Cortes is back from the gym and seeing all those hot guys lifting and getting sweaty really made him horny.  He starts stroking his uncut dick when dark beauty Yansel Washington walks in.  He knows that Sebastian is dying to suck him off so he drops his shorts revealing his huge dark meat.  Within a few minutes, Yansel has his boy’s legs in the air begging to have his ass eaten.  After playing with his hole and filling it with spit, he slides his meat into Sebastian’s ass.  Watching Yansel’s dark meat slide in and out of the pure white ass is almost too much to handle…but these boys are professionals and they know how to edge each other making each thrust count.   Yansel’s low hanging balls are boiling with hot cum ready to invade Sebastian’s hungry ass.  Soon both guys are cumming all over each other.
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