Lars Svenson shoves his big meat up Sebastian Cortes’ ass

What better way to wake up then with your dick in a hot mouth. German stud Lars Svenson wakes up to having Sebastian Cortes worshipping his beautiful dick. Lars lies back in bed watching his hard dick slide into Sebastian’s luscious lips. The two make out briefly and then flip each other sucking each other’s cock, but Lar’s dick is at full attention and he can’t wait to fuck his boy. He starts by teasing Sebastian’s hole with his tongue … getting it nice and wet. Lars shoves his big meat up Sebastian’s ass, his balls slapping up against him as his cum begins to build up. Lars is a true whore and wants the moment to last … he flips Sebastian over and does him doggy style … pounding him with full force. He slides his dick out just in time to shoot a nice load right on Sebastian’s used hole. This is what Sebastian wanted and shoots his own load all into Lars mouth savoring every drop.

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