Bearded Jock Matew Ross Pumps Iron Then Pumps Buddy John Parker

Most guys of course when they say they workout we assume it’s at an actual gym. Some however say they have some dumbbells and workout at home. John Parker and Mathew Ross figured they would workout at home but we all know what happens. John and Mathew start working out with their shirts off but John, the little horny bugger, couldn’t hold out and before you know it was getting his face pumped by Mathew’s hot fat uncut cock. Mathew took his time eating out John’s boy ass and rubbing his beard along his crack and getting it all wet for his raw cock. He then slide his man meat in that tight pink boy hole and starting barebacking it and pumping it good. So next time someone tells you they want you to workout with them at home, we all know how that ends – someone is gonna get their ass barebacked and pumped!

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