Nick Loader fucks Mario Vincent’s bare manhole

After a wet shower, Nick Loader moves to the bed where lo and behold Mario Vincent is lying there with his freshly shaved cock. Mario wastes no time to suck that cock, his asshole twitching as is face is buried down on it. Nick wants to fill up that quivering hole so withdraws his hard cock and splits open Nick’s ass with his raw rod. The 2 fuck like animals in heat. Nick pounds Mario from behind. Mario then lies on his side as Nick rests on his knees and continues pounding. They both then lie down on their sides and Nick fucks Mario’s bare manhole. Finally they try Mario on top, with both of them facing the same way. Mario withstands Nick’s brutal fucking from below until he gets close. He lies back on Nick and gets off while still being fucked, spurting his jizz onto his smooth stomach. After licking up his own cum, Mario lies on his stomach so Nick can fuck his hole even more. Nick pulls out and jerks off until he bursts on Mario’s hole and then fucks that jizz right inside him. Become a member of for access to hardcore gay fuck porn !!

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