Banging Jack Raw

Jack Jagger and Dan Decklin met up for the first time and made out. This is the first time they had ever met. It is always hot watching two straight guys passionately kiss while fumbling with each other’s belts and zippers.

Dan had some blood in his cock and Jack’s skillful mouth brought him to full erection. Then Dan dove down on Jack working his shaft and nut sack.

Normally Jack likes to sit on a cock first so he is in control while relaxing and getting used to it, but he got on his hands and knees and Dan first entered him doggie style. Dan fucked Jack fast like a jackhammer for a good long time.

Then Jack sat on his new buddy reverse cowboy, taking Dan’s raw cock deep in his ass.

Jack wanted more and braced the wall and you get a great up close view from beneath of Dan’s condomless cock pounding Jack’s furry hole.

When Dan can no longer hold it, he pumps his load into Jack who then pushes out a creampie.

Finally, you get some great footage of Dan’s tight hot ass as he lies on the bed licking Jack’s nad until the hairy twink blows his load.

The chemistry was so good between these two exclusives that I paired them again in the already released ‘3 Bi 4 Bang’.

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