Raw Double Fuck

Ya know how porn these days just doesn’t cut it because the men are hairless boys and the locations are a cheap hotel room instead of a hot, sweat-soaked, testosterone-filled, boner-inducing, blue collar machine shop or mechanic bay? Well, buddy, you’re in luck because the men in this flick are Grade A MAN and the machine shop, filled with the sweat, piss and jizz of 50 years of hard laborers, got our men hard the minute they walked in. Part 3 starts as Chad Brock kicks back on a work bench and strokes his fat meat. James Aaron climbs on Chad’s meat and starts fuckin’ his hungry hole on it. Boy Fillups steps up to the bench and plows his thick 8 inches into James’s cock craving hole in an extended, hot as fuck double penetration scene that has James screaming and moaning with pleasure. Adam Faust steps in and expertly fists and double punch fucks James’s open hole, which gets everyone so fuckin’ worked up that a fucking free for all ensues. Matt Sizemore breeds Chad Brock.

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