Barebacking David

David is Tom’s next raw fuck and we are pleased to bring this hot video to you. Tom, 26, is going to fuck 18-year-old David! It’s great when an experience top like Tom shows the inexperienced bottom how it’s done.
David has a nice lean and tight body. He’s also got one hairy hole! His hole is super red making it really easy for Tom to find. Find it he does! He probes David’s hole with his fingers, a (small) dildo, and of course…his fat uncut cock. But before Tom shoves it in, there is some great cock sucking to be had.
After some head, Tom is ready for some hot man sex. He gets David on his side for his trademark side entry, and fucks this 18-year-old like a pro. You really cannot imagine the extent of David’s hairy ass until you see a smooth cock yammed up inside his hole. Notice the hair going in and out of his hole whilst Tom thrust his cock…. So hot!
David mounts Tom and goes for a ride; you can really see the amazing body that David has while throwing his ass on Tom’s dick. With his legs in the air, David opens his hole and has Tom drive his cock hard until Tom is ready to blow his load on David’s well fucked/open hairy hole!

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