Taylor & Valentino : RAW

These two really hit it off. It took hours to film this video. NOT the actual filming, but the two guys pretty much like all the same things…sports, motorcycles, and of course, girls. The two kept trading fuck stories, basically trying to one-up each other.

I totally wanted to get these two together. Both big muscular guys, one hairy, one naturally smooth.

Valentino said he would bottom the whole time IF we did a little piss play. This is of course been edited out in keeping with CCBill Terms, but I actually shot the video with the fact I would have to edit it out, so it’s not nearly as disruptive like when I had to hack up finished videos. Just not a lot of pan over the creampie, cuz Taylor pisses it off after unloading. Definitely be a Director’s Cut one day.

Even Taylor was in the trading mood. In order to get out of bottoming, he said he would take a load to his mouth. I wasn’t about to pass up his first facial…mouth open no less!

I got them all gussied up in bright underwear, and the two just went at it like animals. Both of them got-off to the oral, and they even handled the 69-action with ease.

Valentino did get a bit worried when he saw how fat Taylor’s cock was getting, so that’s when he started bargaining with piss-play. “Would I have to get fucked less if we he pissed on me?”

“Suuuuuuure!” I would say, knowing full-well that the minute or two of pissing wouldn’t cover much time.

Thankfully, once Valentino got out of doggy position he was actually starting to enjoy it, demanding Taylor to fuck him harder! I do believe while I was filming the undershot, he actually bitch-slapped Taylor to make him more aggressive.

As for the ending, Taylor delivers one of his biggest loads yet, and as I mentioned earlier, in the Director’s cut version you get to see Taylor piss the cum away.

True to his word, Taylor took a load to the face and it actually went inside his mouth. He is a bit frozen, but he was choking back a little bit on the taste of another dude’s sperm.

This is one very hot video, with very hot chemistry, and a nuclear ending!

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