Austin & Van & Vander : RAW TagTeam

This is Austin‘s first time fucking ass, even including women! And a 3-Way TagTeam on top of that!

Kind of a trial-by-fire for him. He liked the idea that all the pressure wasn’t going to be on him to stay hard the entire video.

Van is there to be everyone’s ‘Boy’ and as Vander says, “You take it like a champ dude!”

Vander just wanted to fuck a passive bottom again, and he thought Austin‘s body hair was hot. He was in TagTeam Heaven! We even get some armpit licking in there.

Vander gets his cock worshiped by Van, while he and Austin kiss with genuine passion.  Finally Austin dives down to suck cock for his first time. He gags a couple times, but he does a fine job.

Then it’s Austin’s turn to get his cock sucked.  Vander goes to town on him and you can tell Austin is literally blown away. Eventually Van gets down on the ground and we get a nice cocksucking tree going on.

Finally we get Van ready for some big cock as Vander eats out his hole to loosen him up, but to also get his dick fully charged.

Vander pillages Van’s hole while Austin has him suck his dick.

They switch places and Austin gets his first chance at fucking ass.  I think Vander got-off on filling both of Van’s holes at once.

Austin loses his wood and Vander jumps right back in. Austin recharges but this time he fucks Vander, making a Vander Man Sandwich.

Vander can’t move much as Austin fucks his ass, but we get a pretty good daisy-chain-fuck going! Sweet!

They finally flip Van over and Austin fucks him with no remorse, ramping up to nut.

He unloads from a distance and I KNEW that Vander would love to fuck a cummy hole, and sure enough it puts him over the top, and he double cream-pies Van moments later.

And then it just kind of ends…unless you stay till the very end for an Outtake.

We tried to figure out how best to get Van off. He was basically used during the video and had to get himself off. Vander and Austin were keen on helping him out, but Van knew he needed to really stroke himself off.

Vander was willing to eat his load too. So Van sat down and watched some straight porn.

He takes about 20 minutes and I normally keep my video cameras rolling. I got them on just as Van and the boys jump into position to nut into Vander’s mouth,  Austin behind to help encourage.

Van is cumming as everyone is moving.

Some cum flies wild, while the rest hits Vander’s mouth.

Vander, still trying to save the shot, stands up and kisses both guys with his cum-coated mouth and face.   It’s a very hot ending actually, but the continuity is not there to make for a smooth ending…hence it as an outtake.

I could have left it out, but I thought it was hot to see Austin actually kiss a dude with cum on his lips. He REALLY pushed his limits!

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