Nash & Hagan

This video is likely one of the most requested pairings of late. That and Nash with Taylor. (I think I can make that happen too!)

Hagan remains as stoic as usual, but you can’t fault him for always being hard. I think he is a bit more confident that he isn’t gonna hurt the guy he is working with. He fucks and moves his hips a bit more. Cock sucking..well, we need to send him to camp!

I think Nash took working with Hagan as a personal challenge. Not only trying to fit his massive cock inside him but getting him into the whole scene. Which I think he did.

I think he does an amazing job taking his cock! He rides it reverse cowboy style and wow, you really see how much Hagan is splitting Nash in two!

Lots of great close-ups of the action, with two amazing cumshots.

Nash never fails to cum while getting fucked, while Hagan delivers a delicious cream pie!

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