Kristopher + Taylor : RAW

Taylor sure has been warming up to bottoming.

And I knew Kristopher would be the one to put him over the…uh…Top.

These two have so much energy and chemistry they are practically a power plant!

They dirty talk their way through most of the video which is uber hot. I think Taylor really responded to Kristopher sucking his dick with skill too!

Kristopher even ate out Taylor’s ass and fingered him, totally getting him in the ‘zone’ to be fucked.

It went smoothly, and Taylor even kept hard for must of his time on bottom. No anxiety this time about it hurting.

I even tossed another challenge at Taylor. I know Kristopher can nut while riding a cock. He seems to have found a little protate pressure puts him over the edge.

Taylor is terrible at fucking on his back… a even with a hot girl. It’s gotta be his dominant streak holding him back! But he held it solid while Kristopher road him.

Watching Taylor make Kristopher cum is VERY hot. He fucks him hard, then holds his stiff cock in just the right spot, putting him over the top, then fucking him hard again.

This video has a ton of energy yet feels so balanced between the two of them.

An awesome pairing!

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