Raw Underground: Paris Vol. 1 Treasure Island Media

When things are real, they don’t always go perfectly or as planned. Eric (who doesn’t appear in this scene) arranged for two hot guys to fuck beautiful young RUDY. After meeting up in a parking lot, the two guys arrive to find RUDY waiting for them, already naked on the bed. The older guy shows off his technique immediately as he works RUDY’s hole with his tongue and lips. On the other hand, the young thug he brought along is rough around the edges, eager and self-conscious at the same time. The action is a little stop and go as the three of them try to find their groove with each other. After trying different things, RUDY finally gets comfortable lying on his back with the thug’s cock down his throat while the other guy alternately fucks his ass and eats it out; with a little help from his own hand, his cum splashes out at last.

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