Sage Daniels, Trevor Tryst & Shane Stone

This scene opens with Shane Stone feasting on cock. His face gleefully buried in Trevor Tryst‘s and Sage Daniels‘s crotch. Bobbing back and forth Shane feverishly licks and sucks those cocks deep into his throat. No mouth is left unused as everyone gets into some cocksucking as these three form into a hot cocksucking triangle. Shane takes the position of the bottom and gets perched on all fours as Trevor buries his tongue deep into his smooth ass crack. Sage holds his ass cheeks apart so that his tongue can rim him deeper. Sage gets his taste of Shane’s ass as he takes his turn rimming and prepping his hole for the raw cocks waiting for it. The action steps into high gear as Sage slides his thick bare cock into Shane’s smooth puckered ass slit. Sage rides his ass raw as Trevor continues to get his dick worked on by Shane’s mouth and tongue. Sage rides his ass deep then steps back to allow Trevor his chance. These guys tag team Shane’s bare hole back and forth never missing a beat. The action intensifies when Shane rides Trevor cowboy style as Sage slides his raw cock deep in from behind. Shane’s ass completely exposes is DOUBLE fucked in tandem by Trevor and Sage. Shane screams in bittersweet delight as he begs for a 3rd cock. The action is so hot that Sage blasts his 1st load all over Shane’s hole as it gives Trevor’s bare cock just enough lube it to spray its load to breed Shane’s hole with its 2nd load. But the action doesn’t stop there… Sage never lost his hard on as he continues to fuck Shane doggie style. Shane’s face is buried in Trevor’s crotch as he licks and cleans his sloppy cock dry. Sage continues to pummel Shane’s raw ass with relentless stride. Sage throws Shane on his back as he straddles his gaping hole. Shane is rock hard stroking his cock thinking about Sage breeding his ass once again. Sage pile drives Shane into shooting his nut as he fuck the cum literally of out his balls. Shane covered in his own cum shot is breed for the 3rd time by Sage’s 2nd load of hot spunk. Sage is only too quick to stick his tongue deep into Shane’s hole to felch him clean as he, Shane and Trevor share and swap with one another.

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