Peto Coast and Lucky Joe fuck Frank Klein

Peto Coast and Lucky Joe fuck Frank Klein

Frank Klein is a horny, young Spaniard who hasn’t even been in London long enough to pick up much English. Fortunately he’s precociously fluent in the universal language of manfucking, and he’s brave (or foolhardy) enough to hand his ass over to two of the hardest fucking tops in Europe, Lucky Joe and Peto Coast. This is a grainy, grimy record of what happened.

The language barrier means it’s easier to physically push FRANK into the position you want him, rather than ask nicely, and FRANK seems happy with both tops treating him that way. He spends much of the scene with his mouth and ass stuffed with fat cock, so there’s very little chance for talking, anyhow.

By the end, FRANK is bred and smiling, with his Spanish ass full of German and Swiss loads. Proof that cum-fucking transcends all national boundaries.

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