Paul, Ed and Brent

With the cumhounds I film, you can pretty much throw anyone together and see what happens. For these guys sexual connection is like a jigsaw where every piece fits with every other, and each combination makes a new picture of communal satisfaction.

The plan here was for BRENT to give his perfect muscle ass up to PAUL and ED, which definitely worked out. However, while ED was plugging his dick into BRENT’s cock socket, PAUL started feeling between ED’s cheeks and found another willing hole. Pretty soon BRENT had his tongue down ED’s throat, holding him in place while PAUL plowed ED’s butthole from behind with a cock that was still wet from BRENT’s cumsloppy hole.

When they were done, BRENT was more than happy to suck the cocks clean and lie back, exhausted, with an ass full of juice. An authentic piece of improvised sleaze, played out in the orange lamplight of a seedy hotel room made into a rut den for ass breeders.

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