Darren and Peto fuck Jack

Sometimes the stars align. JACK LEWIS lives to be dominated and fucked hard, and that’s how DARREN HAWKE and PETO COAST love to fuck. We didn’t plan this scene–JACK just happened to be at DARREN’s apartment when I came over to shoot a solo jerk-off with PETO. Once the camera (and PETO’s cock) came out, JACK and DARREN decided they’d be up for joining in, so it turned into a 3-way.

JACK turned out to be one of the hungriest sub bottoms I’ve ever seen, taking a brutal, donkey-dick double-fucking without a whimper of complaint. PETO and JACK sensed what he needed and gave it to him with both barrels, loading his ass and then forcing him to suck their cocks clean.

Finally JACK gave up all control as the tops restrained him and fist-fucked his spunk-filled hole until his own spooge was decorating his belly. Best spontaneous session I’ve ever caught on tape, and proof that a true cockslut is always ready for anything.

From Liam Cole’s movie “Full Tilt”

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