Nash & Isaiah

Nash proves once again he can take on newbies, but I think this newbie tossed back twice as much energy back at him. Nash is so used to taking the lead and showing the other guy the ropes, that I think he was stunned by how willing Isaiah was ready to fuck.

Isaiah was truly turned on…he kept smiling, as if he couldn’t believe he was getting it on with a dude. And his dick never wavers.  The two not only kiss, but they fuck like they mean it.

I don’t know what else to say. This video has pure chemistry in it, with some amazing fucking.

Since Isaiah was so dang hard and turned on by fucking Nash, we figured he could fuck the cum out of Nash, who now loves the extra boost to the orgasm that getting plowed gives him.

Isaiah also  shows he knows how to fuck till he cums and unload all over and in Nash.

Isaiah, welcome to the team!

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