Ivan & Rory

Ivan informed me he was back from overseas and wanting to get back into the swing of things. He told me he was in great shape (though I think a little lean these days) but I didn’t count on him sleeping outside the nights before the shoot. Got himself quite a few ‘squiter bites and scraped up his backside too. ~sigh~

Rory was eager to show off his topping skills, and I was eager to prove to Ivan (again) that he was really a big ‘ole bottom.

But Ivan’s backside was in no shape to be filmed so Rory just rolled with it and said he would bottom, so we kind of filmed around Ivan’s lower back. I seriously think Rory is an amazing top, and I love seeing him get all aggressive.

It’s not THAT big of shame, because Rory actually enjoys getting fucked and rides his cock like a pro too.

We get a little POV cam (not too much, still not sure if it adds or subtracts from the experience) and finally Ivan fucks the cum out of Rory.

Two uncut boys…two great juicy cumshots. Enjoy!

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